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Eight years of evolving a product which the homeowner can install and use to replace the seal around their pool; without having to succumb to the outrageous over-pricing of a product "poly-sulfide," aka Deck-o-Seal®, a product which FAILS under the rays of the SUN.

Generation 5 is activated by a proprietary blended fluid we call "Tha Goo". Rather than activating my Pool Seal with water, as with Generation 1 & 2. I created a superior compound to do the activating, forming a resilient seal, (unlike the industries product of choice), natural looking with my toping crystals, seal between your pool coping stone and deck.

With my 1st Generation original product called Santastic Pool Mastic. The installation method of misting water over the dry base which was poured into the joint was found to be challenging for homeowners to get right the first time they tried. Because homeowners often applied too much or not enough water, we realized that to move forward we had to create a more effective and easily manageable way to install the product.

After continued experimenting I'm proud to introduce our greatest product to date. With our proprietary "Goo" used as the activator we have created a superior product to the past generations.

Our latest is a self-leveling pourable mixture of our Pool-Seal along with our activating "Goo" you now can cut your installation time in half and have a superior pool seal around your pool.

Average Pool Company Charges $5 - $8 a ft!
Cost Per Linear Ft for PoolSeal™: as low as 50 cents a ft!
That's a Minimum Savings of $500 up to $1500 based
on the size of your pool

Installed in 48 States & 4 Continents
and Growing !!!!

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Natural Pool Seal BBB Business Review