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To streamline shipping and keep cost down I no longer put directions in the box PLEASE either download the PDF at the bottom of the page to your computer. To be printed if needed:
  • Drill w/mixing paddle
  • 1 Gallon container
  • Latex or Nitrile gloves (recommended)

Directions on How to "Do Tha Goo"

Getting Started:
Thoroughly remove all old mastic with a utility knife, linoleum knife or multitool, making sure little or no remnants remain on the stone or deck vertical surfaces. Sweep all foreign objects from joint. If there is a foam backer rod, either pull it out or stuff it down with knife as deep as it will go. Pour DRY play sand into the joint to fill in any voids where the ground may have moved or washed out. Bring the sand up to at least 1⁄2 to 3⁄4 inch depth below the deck height and sweep it level.

Mixing Pool Seal:

Into your pitcher pour all of Part A first, then pour all of Part B –using your drill with the paint mixer attached (securing the pitcher with your feet or a helper) mixer till smooth and clump free. Pour a portion of the mix into the applicator bottle, screw on the lid tightly and trim the tip to your desired width.

Installing Pool Seal:

Have Part C in a bowl or bucket that is makes it easy for you to grab the sand with one hand. Tip the bottle up and start installing the self-leveling Pool Seal filling to the height of the deck—very quickly start throwing to Part C Top Sand (at least every foot or so) evenly over the surface of the joint. Part C is designed to help self- level and add a beautiful decorative finish.


Pool Seal will start to “skin over” quickly according to the outside temperature and will cure fully in 2 days in most cases. Please turn off sprinklers, sweepers or any thing that will allow water to get on your freshly laid Pool Seal for 2 days. As well as, make sure it’s not going to rain within a couple days.


Pool Seal is warrantied against needing full replacement again, as it is repairable! In the spring and fall walk your pool and look for any cracks that may occur with deck movement. Just pour dry Part B into the crack and mist it to moisten (continue layering till at the desired height) and sponge smooth. It’s that easy to maintain a perfect seal for life!

1. Its OK to add a touch of water (1oz @ a time)if you want it to run smoother out the bottle
2. Stop 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch from the top of the gap, allowing the top rocks to bring it level.
3. Sealing the rocks on top is recommended to insure a clean dirt free seal for the future, were commend grout sealer as the sealer.

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